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How It Works

Getting started with Tokking is easy – it only takes a few seconds!

  • Pick a package

    Our packages are quite extensive and are ideal for everyone, starting from a newbie on TikTok or Instagram wishing to make a debut. They can also help out a TikTok/Instagram veteran to reach the top position!

  • Fill in the information

    We only require your username and no other confidential data! You can trust Tokking and beware of the fake services that ask for any sensitive information. Just enter your username on your selected package and proceed.

  • Wait for it

    Once you have submitted the details and processed your payment, you just need to chill and have some patience! It may take up to 24 hours to start seeing results.

  • Get Results

    We will take over from there, all you have to do is watch the numbers and your account grow miraculously in just a day!

Why Buy Instagram or TikTok Followers?

It may get difficult to achieve followers. With the help of Tokking, you can easily grow your Instagram or TikTok account using our services!

  • Achieve Popularity Immediately

    Did you know that people tend to follow accounts that are already popular? It can get difficult for a new account to gain followers. We can easily help you gain followers in just one day, without any hassle or stress!

  • Join Your Competitors

    Do you often go to your competitors’ accounts and notice that they have way more followers than you? And, gaining that many followers may take ages? TOKKING can easily help you change that and join your competitors in no time.

Why Buy Instagram or TikTok Likes?

If you want your profile to have more visibility, then you need to get more likes! Getting organic likes may be a tedious process, buying them is a quick and effective solution.

  • Would I benefit from extra likes?

    One of the best things about buying likes is that you get many benefits from them. Many of the top users make use of our services to reach their full potential!

  • Get Trending on Social Media

    For any Instagram or TikTok user, being on the trending tab is a huge dream. When you buy more likes, you’re increasing the chances of being featured there without any effort!

  • Gain Popularity

    When you buy likes, your profile becomes more visible. Hence, more users can visit your profile and increase your views. They might also follow you and like your content as well!

  • Use Hashtags to Get Featured

    Besides getting extra likes, you should also use hashtags. Hashtags can help you achieve more likes on Instagram or TikTok and help you trend across the platforms!

Our Features

Tokking is the World’s #1 Provider of Instagram and TikTok Services – and here’s why:

  • Security

    Tokking offers top-level security with its bank-grade and highly secure encryption standards. These standards ensure that your payments are 100% safe and secure. We also assure you that you won’t have to provide your password in order to make use of our services.

  • Excellent Services

    You need not worry about the quality of our services as we don’t only provide genuine services but also the best of them! Quality and customer satisfaction are above everything else for us. We ensure that all our customers get exactly what they want.

  • Quick Delivery

    Using Tokking is a quick and easy process. Processing orders may only take a few hours. But, we assure you that you will get your package delivered as soon as possible!

  • Prepare to Go Viral

    You may already know that Instagram and TikTok ranks posts based on the number of likes and views they get. Once you buy likes using our secure system, we can help you get into trending or popular positions rapidly!

  • Customer Support

    If you have any questions, you can easily contact our 24/7 available customer support. We take huge pride in extending our support to both our old and new customers.

  • Guaranteed Delivery

    Do you want to see your profile become popular? Tokking assures you that you’ll definitely wake up to see immediate growth on your TikTok account!

  • Extremely Safe

    If you’re stressed about your account getting blocked or disabled, then hear us out. Throughout our history, none of our customers’ accounts got blocked or disabled after using our services.

  • Get Featured

    All Instagrammers and TikTokers dream of getting featured on social media! You can actually make it happen with the help of more likes and views. Your post in any category or hashtag can easily trend.

  • Become Popular

    All social media influencers started from scratch. However, with the help of our services, many of them have reached the peak of their careers! So, do you wish to be the next big thing with Tokking?

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

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I’d 10/10 recommend Tokking to every other person! My influencer career definitely skyrocketed after using Tokking and it’s one of the best investments of mine for sure!

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As a concerned mom, all I want for my child is to become successful and help her achieve her goals. TOKKING definitely helped my daughter get the headstart she needed to get on the trending page. Trust me, at one point, I had to disable the app’s notifications as my phone kept beeping due to the number of likes!

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I can’t even say how much I love this site! It literally helped me get many duet requests from huge accounts! What more could I possibly want?

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I’d really love to extend my gratitude towards Tokking! It enormously helped me with my music career and to make TikTok my full-time job as well! <3

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TOKKING is the only site i’ve tried that turned out to be the real deal. Whenever I post a video I order from Tokking!

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They were honest and very fast, their likes service helped push one of my video, which means buying likes still works on tiktok to go viral!

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